Door Openers (1)

Until the door to a room is opened you cannot access the contents of the room, unless you break in. Sometimes we go shopping in malls and find some shops closed, maybe for the day or for some reasons. At such times, though we can see the contents of the shop through the glass, we can’t buy because the door is locked. 
Likewise in life, we often have what it takes for some positions or jobs or appointments but we don’t get them because the door has not been opened to us. No matter how hard you struggle, if the door is not opened you can’t get it. It is therefore important that we know the factors that can trigger a door to open. This will be the focus of our discussion in this series. 
1. Integrity: One of the rarest attributes in our world today is integrity. It is this rarity that is largely responsible for failure of leaderships. Integrity is the quality of being honest and fair, or a  state of completeness or wholeness. Integrity is also doing what is right whether you are being watched or not. Another word for integrity is honesty. It is a state of honesty of actions, intentions and words. Being true to your actions, intentions and words. In the race for wealth, many people have thrown away this rare and precious  attribute. 
When people are being sought to occupy a position, integrity is one of the key attributes looked out for in the candidates for such positions. And integrity is not just something you own, it is something also perceived by others. You own it, but it is perceived by others. It is those who have perceived this in you that will recommend you for such positions. It may be positions you ordinarily would not have had access to or be aware of, but your integrity will make someone recommend you for the position. 
Integrity still opens doors and will keep opening doors, so you need to guard it if you still have it, or start repairing it if yours has been damaged. 
God bless us all. 
Good morning! 


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