Clarity Saves Time and Efforts

I had an experience this last Saturday that reemphasised the importance of clarity of purpose or vision.  
I was invited to a meeting in the house of one of my former bosses whom I greatly like and respect,  and who has also become an elder brother to me. Each time I went to his house in the past, my return journey was always fraught with difficulty because I always missed my way back. I always ended up burning fuel and losing time on the road trying to find my way. 
But this last visit, I was lucky to have another party in the meeting who was heading my direction. So I told him I would be driving behind him till he gets to his own junction, which is a familiar route for me. When we finished the meeting and set out, I was amazed with the speed at which I arrived at the familiar environment because he was leading the way. 
I spent about one and half hours as against the usual two and half hours I would have spent if I had driven alone. My journey was made faster because I had a guide. Here are a few lessons from this experience :
1. Get a mentor or guide: One, always ask for direction or counsel on your vision. There may be people who have travelled same path before and learning from them will make your journey easier and faster, as they will tell you where to avoid. 
2. Get the right mentor or guide: Only ask from those who know the way or who have experienced what you want to embark one. My journey on Saturday might have been worse if my guide was only pretending to know the way. 
3. Be clear about your vision: When  you know where you are going, your journey becomes faster. My guide made me drive as if I knew the right, so I was sure footed and I drove past the unfamiliar areas easily and quickly. Clarity saves you time and efforts, thus giving you speed. 
4. Be humble to take advice:I followed my guide doggedly until he turned at his own junction. Sometimes we need to shelf our own idea and listen to others in order to move on. Don’t be too proud to take advice. 
I trust that these few lessons will help some of us who are about taking some decisions or are encountering challenges in some areas of our lives. 
God bless us all. 
Good morning! 
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