You Are Adequately Equipped 

We often suspend doing some good works because of some sense of inadequacy. We postpone writing our books, singing our songs, visiting the orphanages, taking up a community work, etc, not because we don’t want to do it but because we feel we are not fully prepared yet. And so days crawl into weeks and the weeks grow into months and before we realise it years have gone and the relevance of those good deeds is no more there. Sounds familiar? 
This is a struggle almost everybody goes through. We must understand that some strengths will not be revealed until a demand is placed on them, and demand will only come in the place of action. There is a potential energy (energy at rest) in each of us waiting to be activated into kinetic energy (energy in motion). This potential energy can only be activated in the process of movement. Until you take the first step you can’t see the next step. But because we want to see the entire step before we launch out, we often miss out on great opportunities to be a blessing. 
Stop waiting to see the entire step, you are adequately equipped for that step. Take that step and the puzzle will begin to take shape. Our lives are sometimes like a puzzle, until you take the first or second piece of puzzle, you may not be able to figure out the puzzle. 
This is why you should be at the ‘Step Out of the Confines of Comfort’ seminar. Happening on 22nd October. It is designed to activate that potential energy. See you there. 
God bless us all. 
Good morning.  


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