Step Out Of The Confines Of Comfort 

We are often trapped in the confines of our safety, familiar environment, familiar people, or jobs and become so used to such that we limit our growth potential. 
Even as a nation, we became so used to petrodollars such that when the bubble burst, we were caught off-guard and literally left stranded. We overstayed in the confines of a mono-economy. 
Many of us have plateaued when there are still more mountains to conquer. Many of us are afraid of taking steps beyond the known into the unknown. We have become victims of self-imprisonment in the worlds we created for ourselves. 
It is time to break all chains of limitations and leave those confinements holding us back. Your full potential is outside of where you are now. Until you reach out for the sky, you can’t touch stars. 
Break out and breakforth. Let us make it a date at the ‘Step Out of the Confines of Comfort’ seminar on 22nd October. You will experience a transformation. 
God bless us all. 
Good morning! 

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