Far Above 

Do you know your divine placement in life? Do you really understand where you belong in the spirit? Until you know your divine position, you will continue to look for what is not missing. 
It is the height of folly to assume that spiritual things don’t matter. Spiritual controls the physical. It is foolishness to say there is no God. You will only have yourself to blame when you realise there is God, and may it not be too late then. 
If you don’t know God, you can’t access what has been divinely provided. God has actually raised you far above every problem, challenge, principality, power, spiritual wickedness,  territorial spirits, sickness and disease. You can live ignorantly of this fact for your entire life and struggle all through life. Ignorance is destructive. 
Stop running from pillar to post and run to God through Jesus Christ. He will reveal your true position in Him to you when you draw close to Him. Also, you can still be ignorant of your placement even when you are in Christ, if you don’t know what He has provided. God has not called us to live a beggarly and fear stricken life. Know Him and know all He has provided for you. 
Seek knowledge of God and assume your position far above. 
God bless us all. 
Good afternoon. 

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