What Kind of Vessel Are You? 

We are all vessels for different purposes and assignments. We are useful to the extent of being allowed to be used by and of God for the different reasons He created us. We are tools in the Hands of God. We are as useful as we submit ourselves for His use. 
Just as we have different vessels in our home, for drinking, storing, eating, washing, conveying, etc, we are also vessels of different types in the sight of God. Also, just as we have vessels of different materials, wood, clay, aluminum, silver, gold and other precious metals, you are also a vessel of a kind. 
In our homes, the importance attached to a vessel is usually a function of the make (wood, clay, or gold), its beauty, and the price. Some vessels are kept only in the toilets and bathrooms because they are plastic and of little worth. Some are reserved for special guests like our porcelains, China wares and golden cutleries. In the same vein, we can be reserved for special purposes and occasions, or just be among the crowds. 
While it is God who decides who plays special roles or general roles, you can influence God’s choice by your actions, words, thoughts, and choices. If you make God your first priority always, He will make you a special vessel for a special purpose. 
You can be a special purpose vessel or a general purpose vessel by your choice of whom to serve and follow. The choice is yours. 
God bless us all. 
Good morning! 


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