Patience is a Virtue 

In a bid to stay ahead in today’s world, many of us have lost the virtue of patience. We do everything in a hurry and we rush for almost everything and expect instant results for all our efforts. Instant coffee, instant photo, instant messaging, etc are all on the good sides of staying ahead. 
But we have a lot on the bad side, jumping queues for bus or in the banking hall or anywhere, overspeeding on the road, breaking traffic light, and a whole lot of habits that have contributed to the moral decadence in our world. 
Can we just relearn patience again? Be patient when you are on that queue. Be patient when you see elderly people on the queue, give them room first. Be patient when there is traffic, don’t take one way and further lock the traffic jam. Be patient when explaining things to your kids and watch what you do in their presence. 
Be patient when you have done your best and still no result. You will not missed what belongs to you if you are patient. Preach Patience. It is a Virtue. 
God bless us all. 
Good morning! 


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