Nothing Done In Secret

There is a story on social media about a woman who  betrayed her friend by spilling the beans that the child of the friend belongs to another man. There have been all kinds of reactions against both friends, but that is for another day. 
The focus here is that there is nothing you do in secret that will not be revealed sooner or later. No matter how well you try to hide a lie, truth will always catch up with it. A Yoruba adage says ‘If a lie has travelled for twenty years, the truth will catch up with it one day.’ 
Don’t build your life on lies. Don’t lie to win a contract. Don’t lie to win a office.  Don’t lie about your age to get a job. Leave the job if you are overaged. Don’t bring another man’s child home to your husband as his. Sooner or later, it will be revealed and you will be put to shame. Not only will you be put to shame, others may partake in your shame. The story of the two friends would have come to light one way or the other, so it is not about the friend betraying, it is about lies.
Let us be truthful in all we do. Many of our woes as a nation today are the consequences of lies of our past leaders. Together we can rebuild this nation if we start acting and speaking the truth. 
God bless us all.  

Good morning! 

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