Keep Your Home

Most of the ills in our society today are symptomatic of sick homes. In every sense of it, many homes require emergency attention and until we start fixing homes, our attempts to restore values and decency in our world would continue to yield fruitless results. 
Your home is your first and main garden. Every other preoccupation is secondary,  whether secular or spiritual. Just as Adam was placed in the Garden of Eden to tend, cultivate and maintain the garden, your home is to be tended, cultivated and maintained for God. 
No matter how responsible you are in your profession or vocation, to the extent that you are irresponsible at home, you are a failure. Many people will be shocked to read this. A man who fails to provide for his household is worse than an infidel. The man here represents both genders. 
Pay attention to your children and ward. Train them to be hardworking and instil the fear of God in their heart. Let them join you in carrying out house chores as soon as they are of age. Don’t indulge them. We have too many microwave young men and women out there today. Beautiful outside but lacking manners and with zero culinary skills. Be their mentor and provide emotional, spiritual, financial and material guidance for them. If you are not your children’s first mentor, then you don’t qualify to be a mentor to others. 
Also, maintain your home. Keep it clean. Houses don’t collapse overnight, they cave in gradually. Have a maintenance habit. Check your electrical fittings, plumbing system, mechanical system and civil structure from time to time. Weed and trim your grass and flowers. Sometimes we blame witches and wizards for the cats, snakes and scorpions we see in our homes, when we are the real culprits after failing to keep our homes clean. No matter how beautiful and handsome you are, if your home is dirty, it shows that you are just a pretender. 
Start paying attention to your home today. Together, if we raise healthy homes our world will become safer and better. 
God bless us all. 
Good morning!  

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