The Debts You Owe (2)

We started this series with the debt of being true to yourself last week and this is very important if you are to fully live out your potentials. 
Another debt you owe is the Debt of Purpose. Hear this friends, no matter how ugly or bad the circumstances surrounding your birth may be, you are not an accident. You may be a product of birth outside wedlock, or even rape, or you were abandoned at birth, whatever your case may be, you are sent by God to planet Earth for a purpose. You are on errand, and you owe your creator and humanity the debt of finishing the errand. 
Your purpose is the reason you are created,  finding it is your responsibility, and fulfilling it is your calling. If you fail in finding and fulfilling your purpose, your mission on earth would have been a wasted effort. It would amount to a waste of heaven’s investments in you. 
If you have not been conscious of this debt, this is an urgent reminder. You owe the world the debt of purpose. 
God bless us all. 
Good morning and Barka De Sallah to our Muslim brothers and sisters! 

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