The Debts You Owe (3)

Finally, in this series, one more debt you owe both God and humanity is the debt of gratitude. We are fast turning out to become ungrateful people. We complain just about everything, the rain, the sun, the air, nature and so on. 
We also find it difficult to appreciate the little things, help, support and encouragement from others. Gratitude brings forth positivity in both the doer and the receiver, and provides the climate for more acts of goodness. Ingratitude does the exact opposite, killing more opportunities and sowing seed of negativities. 
Begin to show gratitude for everything and you will begin to see life and people in a new way. Your love for life and humanity will take a new dimension and you will begin to see what others can’t see, enjoy what others can’t enjoy and  do what others can’t do. 
Appreciate your spouse, your friends, your colleagues, your business associates, your pets, nature and the Creator of all things. In everything give thanks. 
God bless us all. 
Good morning! 

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