The Debts You Owe (1)

There are certain debts we all owe, apart from money or materials borrowed from others or financial institutions. If you strive to pay these particular debts, you will live and end well. 
We will examine these debts in this series and the first one is:
Debt of being true to yourself

There are times people tell us what they want us to hear. Especially for leaders in political offices who are surrounded with praise singers, bootleggers, yes-men and sycophants, you owe yourself the debt of telling yourself the truth when you are not doing well. Examine yourself daily. Don’t judge yourself by the accolades of the people, they may be playing you music of death. 
Sometimes you even win a race or contest, but you know you didn’t put in your best, rather than just celebrating that success, push yourself harder to surpass your previous feat. 
If you are always looking for the approval of men, you will continuously lie to yourself, your conscience and God. Seek the approval of your conscience and you will get God’s approval. 
Finally, as a debt of being true to yourself, don’t copy or try to be like others. You are uniquely made and you have your own place and space. Stay in your space. Maintain your Lane. Be yourself.  
God bless us all. 
Good morning! 

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