Just Before You Give Up

Are you at the verge of giving up, please consider the following before you throw in the towel :
1. Have you truly given that matter your best? Prayed your best? Written your best? Worked your best? Given your best? 
2. Are you certain your situation is the worst in the whole world? If you are certain, then you can truly give up. Your current situation is someone’s prayer point.
3. Are there lessons you must learn through that situation before you are promoted to the next phase? Have you learnt them all? Remember that promotion comes only after passing the exams. 
4. Do you know that it is darkest most just before dawn? You might just be at the edge of your dawn. If you hold on a bit longer, the trouble will pass because it always does. 
5. If you are wishing to have another life, how sure are you that there won’t be challenges in the new life, possibly greater than the ones you are facing now? The only people who are free from troubles are the dead. 
6. Have you sought for help? From God first and then from men. Sometimes we carry burdens that don’t belong to us. 
7. Do you know that the size of your problem is an indication of the weight of your glory? You might be carrying a great destiny, just so you know. 
Reflect on these questions before you throw in the towel. 
God bless us all. 
Good morning! 


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