Your Good Works Count

We often ask ourselves if it is worthwhile to continue doing some good works when nobody seems to be noticing or appreciative. We are tempted to give it up and just stay on our own. This is common to everyone putting in his best effort. 
Don’t be discouraged. Your good works will be rewarded. Posterity will reward you. Heaven will reward you. You and your generations born and unborn will benefit from the rewards of your good works. Don’t stop doing good. 
When we stop doing good, we allow evil to thrive and those who would have been saved by our good works may decide to tow the evil path. Our good works help to keep evil works at bay. It is therefore to our own benefit not to stop doing good. 
Your impact may be small and insignificant, but the combination of our impacts together makes a formidable opposition to evil works. Let us continue in doing good, for in due season, we will reap, if we faint not. Gal. 6:9
God bless us all. 
Good morning! 

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