There is a Limit

Yes, officially it has been declared that Nigeria is in recession. Yes times are hard. But you know what, your life doesn’t have to be in recession. Your times do not have to necessarily follow general time. You can make it despite the economic downturn. Your personal economy can take an upward turn against the tide of times. 

First, don’t join  the bandwagon to sing the song of depression. Look out for opportunities around you. There are needs you can still meet and make money. Challenging times come with many unique opportunities, so identify the ones you can seize. 

Also, there is a limit to every negative wind. No matter how high the sea tide is, when  the tide rises and moves the waves towards the shore, it always stops at the set limit. It doesn’t go beyond the set limit. Listen, it is not the sea shore or human embankment that holds the sea waves back, it is a divine order. That same divine order has been placed on this recession, it will not pass its limits. 

In your personal life, those challenges will not pass their limits. They won’t kill you. You will outlive them. No matter how hot the sun maybe during the day, it will always give way for the moon and stars at night, your challenges will give way for your glory to shine. 

Fear not, there is a limit to those overwhelming flood of challenges. 

God bless us all. 

Good morning!

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