Break-Out for a Breakthrough

As I said in one of my previous posts, a new You is required for every new level you desire. As you move higher in life, life will demand from you in terms of skills, time, resources, experience, substance and strength of mind. You therefore need to constantly expand your frontiers to keep moving ahead. 

We all seek and sometimes pray for breakthrough without the willingness to break out of our present mold. You need a breakout to experience a breakthrough. Any breakthrough without a breakout will eventually lead to a breakdown. 

What is a breakout? A breakout is a deliberate positive shift from previously held belief, opinion, mindset, skills set, knowledge, circle of contacts, habits, and comfort zones. It is an advancement to a higher level of reasoning. 

Until you are ready for a break out, you do not truly deserve a breakthrough. Your  first step towards breakthrough is to begin to examine yourself with a view to improving yourself. 

Many of the disasters we see in leadership at corporate and national level are because most of the leaders never experienced breakouts before they got their breakthroughs. 

Don’t be a victim of breakdown after breakthrough. Break out now. 

God bless us all. 

Good morning! 

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