Glory in Death

Death is an event we all try to avoid yet it is an inescapable eventuality. It is one of the few processes that is almost totally out of human control. Sometimes it can be delayed with medical interventions or technologies, but that is it, it can only be delayed not denied. 

It is a debt owed by everyone regardless of status, color, race, or religion. The Great dies, the not so great dies, and the lowly too dies. What differentiate each category is usually the burial ceremony. Some spend tonnes of money and even build resting places for the remains of the departed. For some who can’t even afford the luxury of a coffin, pieces of wood are put together to house the remains. 

Regardless of the kind of treatment given to the dead, it has no connection with how the dead will be remembered or what the dead will be remembered for. What determines the Glory of the dead is his work while alive. Rich men have been buried richly but remembered poorly or richly. Poor men have also been buried poorly and remembered richly or poorly. 

The point is there is a Glory in death that makes one’s works to speak as though he is still alive. You labour for that Glory while alive, not in death. 

If you check your works now, can it give you any glory in death? Whose lives are you touching that will sing your glory long after you are gone like Dorcas in the Bible, Mahatma Ghandi, Gani Fawehinmi, Nelson Mandela, Muhammad Ali and a host of others. 

Pause and check your life today, what kind of report are you writing with your life? 

God bless us all. 

Good morning! 

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