Keep Your Mind

It is what happens in you and not what happens to you that determines how far you will go in life. Your attitude to both positive and negative situations must be SPONGY. You must be able to soak in a lot as sponge soaks water, especially so during this period of economic recession.  
What does SPONGY represent? 
S – Serenity of mind and purpose. Maintain your peace and calmness. You can’t think straight when anxious or angry. Absorb the information, separate the facts and decide on the facts. 
P – Perseverance of spirit, mind and body. Train your mind to be resilient. Build your body for marathons and not short dashes. Lasting successes usually come in marathons. Toughness of mind comes from a diehard spirit. 

O – Organization of plans and actions. You must sharpen your prioritisation skills so that you know which actions to take first when several things are calling for your attention. 
N – Naturalness of personality. The worst harm you can do to yourself is to try to change who you are because of people’s criticisms or successes of others. Pick the truths in criticisms, but adapt them to your natural self. 
G –  Goal getting attitude. You can’t get a goal you have not set. So set goals. Apply SMART tools to your goals. Even if you fail at achieving the goals, keep trying until you succeed. Your mind must be resolute at achieving your goals. 
Y –  Youthful zest. You often need the zest of a youth to handle increasingly complex situations. You need to maintain a high energy level always. Avoid energy drainers. They could places, jobs, or people. Never let anyone toy with your energy level. Have a bright spirit and always smile. 
God bless us all. 
Good morning!


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