Relating With Your Enemies (5)

As we begin to round up on this series, my hope is that you have been able to pick one or two things that will make your life easier.

Today, we will discuss what should be done to our enemies and I think this is the toughest part because it runs contrary to some of our long held beliefs.

1. Forgive them. Tough isn’t it? Well if God relates with us on the scale of righteousness, none of us can stand, yet He forgives us whenever we ask Him. Don’t carry unforgiveness in your heart, it is toxic for your heart and body, and it is too much burden. You forgive enemies for two reasons. One, so that we can be freed, because whoever is hurt and still holds on to the hurt is the real victim. The offender may just be having a swell time, maybe he doesn’t even know! Two, we cannot secure forgiveness from God if we don’t forgive others, and without His forgiveness you cannot enjoy His blessings.

2. Make friends out of them by reciprocating with love. Abraham Lincoln said,  ‘Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends.’ When they are accusing you, criticizing you, sending wicked arrows your way, send them love packages in form of messages, prayers, gifts and even commendations. You can win many of your enemies over if only you could try the love strategy. Mahatma Gandhi said it better, ”whenever you are confronted with an opponent, conquer him with love.”

3. Pray for them. Prayer is one of the most potent weapons to conquer your enemies. Start praying that your enemies will repent from today. Truly, there are people we referred to as unrepentant enemies, but God knows how to handle such. Those meant for destruction will meet their destruction. Let God fight your battle, you just please Him. Pray that God will turn their hearts from their wickedness. Pray that the nature of God in them will be brought to the fore. Pray against the wicked spirits operating through them. Render their plans useless in the place of prayer.

Tomorrow we will conclude by looking at how to relate with our enemies.

I will end today’s discussion with this great quote from Mahatma Gandhi. ‘It is easy enough to be friendly to one’s friends. But to befriend the one who regards himself as your enemy is the quintessence of true religion. The other is mere business.’

God bless us all.

Good morning!


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