Relating With Your Enemies (6)

Anything you give attention to will appreciate. If you give more attention to your spouse, he or she will become a better person and you will enjoy your relationship better. If you give attention to your job or business, you will become better at it and you will make more income or profits. Likewise if you give attention to your enemies, they will become more and more powerful. Rather than giving attention to your enemies, give attention to your Maker, who is also the Maker of your enemies, and He will cause them to be at peace with you.

The Law of Attention is real and applies in every area of our life. Stop giving unnecessary attention to your enemies, rather give that time to God. Try praising and worshiping God instead of engaging in long prayers against your enemies.

As we conclude this series today, we will look at how to relate or interact with your enemies.

There are some enemies you need to keep afar, even though you can be praying for them and sending them gifts or goodwill messages. You need to keep them afar until God touches their hearts because they can wreck physical harm. Joseph and Mary were instructed by an angel to take baby Jesus away from Bethlehem of Judea to Egypt. You sometimes need to avoid contact with the enemies.

Some enemies must be drawn close so that you can win them over with love. Love is God and God is Love. Nothing wins an enemy over more than love. Remember Mahatma Gandhi’s quote of yesterday. Shower them with love and their heart will eventually melt towards us. They may become more angry initially, they may envy you more, but eventually they will be broken. This was Nelson Mandela’s principle, that stood him out as a legendary leader before and after his demise.

Some other enemies need to be listened to, because they say the truth about you, though sometimes exaggeratedly nonetheless the truth. Such could be critics in workplace, business, ministry, government or politics. Listen to their message and not the messenger. Their messages are sometimes laden with truths and if you pay attention to it, you will become a better person.

Finally, some enemies require to be told the truth. Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit. Prov. 26:5. They hate you because they are ignorant of the truth, so tell them the truth so that they may learn.

In conclusion, be sure that you are not consciously or unconsciously becoming an enemy to others too. Sow more of seed of love and you will find love always coming back to you.

God bless us all.

Good morning!

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