Relating With Your Enemies (4)

The intention behind this series is not to make us toy with enemies or be careless with them. The purpose is to equip us with proper understanding of who the enemies are, why we have enemies and how to handle them. Today we will discuss on why we have enemies. Why can’t we just be free of enemies?

First, let me make a startling statement, without enemies you cannot succeed. Yes, without enemies you cannot reach your goals. A man without enemy is either dead or not living (alive but not doing the right things). “A man with no enemies is a man with no character.”  – Paul Newman. Sydney Sheldon makes it clearer, he said “To be successful you need friends and to be very successful you need enemies.”

Enemies push you to raise your standard of work. They compel you to raise the bar. Nothing has revolutionized our business world more than competition. They force you to work harder. They force you to be more careful. Whether in your family, career, business or ministry, enemies sharpen your senses. You plan better. You strategize better. You pray and fast more. You pay attention to details better than if there was no critic. You double check your work and facts before presenting it for appraisal. If all you have around you are aye-sayers, then you are being deceived.

Even in the military, how did the world become so knowledgeable of inventing highly sophisticated weapons of war, whether biological, chemical, nuclear or physical? It is because of the presence of enemies. While we may not support the use of some of these weapons, the point is that the enemies force you to think innovatively.

Sometimes also, enemies are in our lives to help us towards our journey. Without the antagonism and hatred of Joseph’s brother, he wouldn’t have become the Prime Minister of Egypt. If there was no Goliath, how would the Israelites have discovered David? Many examples abound in our world today of people who rose through adversities to success stories. Steve Jobs, Abraham Lincoln, Ben Carson (who was always taunted in his neighborhood), and many others.

In summary, enemies are allowed in our lives for the following purposes :
1. To sharpen us
2. To push us to our destinies
3. To reveal our weaknesses and flaws
4. To strengthen our character
5. To humble us and make us realize the need for help

So instead of asking for no enemies, ask for strength and wisdom to confound your enemies.

God bless us all.

Good morning!


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