Relating With Your Enemies (3)

Having established who ‘an enemy’ is and who ‘the enemy’ is, it is further important that we know the different types of enemies so that we can relate with them correctly.

There are basically two types of enemies in life, namely Internal and External Enemies.

Internal enemies are enemies within your household, your company, your business, even within you. This is the most dangerous type of enemy, because they can wreck much havoc without you knowing. Micah 7:6. They can sell your trade secrets without you knowing. They organize people’s murder without the victims ever knowing. Such enemies are like the biblical Judas. If you tolerate them, they can kill you.

Surprisingly, you can be one of your internal enemies. A man’s worst enemy is himself. Your habits, attitudes and disposition to life can obstruct your way to greatness. Just like you won’t tolerate any of the other internal enemies, you must not tolerate anything in you that can hinder your progress. Deal with those harmful habits ruthlessly, don’t spare them.

You need to be sensitive to discern internal enemies. Sometimes, you can identify them by the amount of interest they have in you. They are always seeking information about what you are doing. Be careful with what you divulge. Internal enemies work with external enemies based on the information they get from you. Samson became an easy prey for the Philistines because Delilah already supplied all the necessary information. Don’t be careless with your plans, secrets, gifts or talents.

External enemies are those outside, who often strike based on the connivance of internal enemies. Without the support of internal enemies, external enemies hardly succeed. The reasons why we fall prey to witches or wizards is because our greatest internal enemy (self) creates an opening. If the hedge is not broken, serpent cannot strike. When a man’s ways please the Lord, He makes EVEN his enemies to be at peace with him. Proverbs 16:7

Your victory against external enemies starts with your victory over internal enemies. You will not be a victim of internal enemies.

God bless us all.

Good morning!

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