Are You Really Serious About Your Dream?

As we take on the eight month of year, it is important for us all to be reminded that we are already approaching the middle of the second half of year, and before you know it, once September sets in, the year starts running out fast. The question is what have you done with the past seven months? Have you just been paying lip-service to your goals? What steps have you taken so far?

Are you really serious about making it? If you are, I expect that by now you should have some bruises from failed attempts. By now you should have some stories to tell and lessons to help you as you forge ahead. You should have one or two success stories too. Even if you have not recorded any success, you should have learnt some lessons. Generals are made on the battlefield not on the drawing board. Move your plans out of the drawing board today.

Understand this, just as the clock ticks away every second, so our lives tick away, so don’t think you all the time.
If you are serious about your dream, you will be willing to pay the price. You will be willing to burn the candles. You will be willing to keep vigils, reading and studying while others are sleeping. You will spend less time watching Soap Operas and devote more time to your dream. You will deny yourself of certain pleasures in order to cope with the pressure of your dream. You won’t give up when others do.

If you are truly serious about your dream, you will be willing to pay any price for it. So, are you really serious?

Happy New Month and God bless us all.

Good morning!

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