You Can Rewrite Your Story

It may interest you to know that what you will become in life is not so much a function of what happens TO you, but more of what happens IN you. Nothing limits a man more than his mind. You are what you think. Regardless of your place of birth, background, qualification, skills, or talents, if you cannot see yourself making it with your inner mind, you cannot make it in reality.

You can rewrite your story by reprogramming your mind from expecting negativity, from expecting failure and defeat. Train your mind to always look at the positive side of life. Fill your mind with the promises of God. Meditate on His words. His thoughts are good and peaceful. Jer. 29:11. Stop thinking God is haunting and punishing you. His mercies are everlasting.

After capturing the vision in your mind, begin to take steps towards your vision. Don’t worry about the size of your steps, they may be little or shaky at the beginning, but they will grow to become bigger and confident. Don’t wait for every condition to be perfect. If you observe the wind before sowing, you will never sow.

Get out of the rut. You are not destined to fail. Even if you have failed, try again. Most successes come after many failed attempts. You have a choice to either succeed or fail. So choose success today.

God bless us all.

Good morning!

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