Relationship That Matters (1)

No man can reach his full potentials or fulfill destiny without the right people in his life. Jesus Christ needed John the Baptist to baptise him before he could commence his three year ministry. Moses would not have recorded much success without the help of Aaron and Joshua. We are creatures of relationships and we function effectively when we find the right relationships.

It is therefore important to know the right relationships so that our journey on earth will be smoother and so that we can make heaven at last. In the next few days, we will be discussing relationships that matter. We will examine one today and continue tomorrow.

1. Relationship with God: Dear friends, it will be a total and colossal waste of time and heaven’s resources if you journey through the world without a perfect relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. For you to have access to God, you need to accept His Son, Jesus Christ as your Lord and Personal Saviour. “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12. “For in him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own poets have said, For we are also his offspring.” Acts 17:28.

Without God, you cannot go far in life. He made you for a purpose and doing anything outside that purpose will only lead to frustration. It is important you have God as your Father through our Lord Jesus Christ. This relationship is the most important and the foundation for every other relationship to thrive.

Do not be deceived by science and its various theories of the evolution of man. God exists. He was, He is and He remains forever. If you don’t have a relationship with Him here on earth, you can’t live with Him in heaven. The place prepared for those who refused to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord is Hell, and it is a place of eternal punishment.

I therefore advise you today to accept Jesus if you have not. If you have, obey him more, and follow his leading through the Holy Spirit. God is functioning in this dispensation through His Spirit, known as the Holy Spirit. If you don’t have Christ, you can’t have the Holy Spirit. Your relationship with God the Father, God the Son (Jesus Christ) and God the Spirit (Holy Spirit) should be of more value to you than all the treasures of Life. Accept Jesus today.

God bless us all.

Good morning!

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