Reasons Why Marriages Fail (2)

Still addressing those who are yet to marry, today we will look at one more  reason.

A quick recap of yesterday’s Lesson.
– Don’t fall in love but slide into love
– Pay attention to your sense of reasoning
– Do not be in a hurry

Another major reason why Marriages fail is going into marriage with the notion that your partner is an angel or a perfect person. Note this, no man can be like an angel and even angels have their areas of strength. Asking Angel Gabriel to lead a battle is like putting a square peg in a round hole, he is more of a messenger. Likewise, everyone has his or her strengths and limitations. No one is perfect. So you must give room for mistakes, foibles, weaknesses and short comings in your spouse. Marriage shows you your real self and your real spouse. The partner in relationship and courtship is rarely the same in marriage. In marriage, you will see each other as you are. So, make up your mind to do these three things with your spouse:

1. Adjust: Adjust your idiosyncrasies to realities. Don’t judge your marriage based on the romance movies you see on TV. Get down from your horse. Gen. 24:64. You adjust in marriage.

2. Agree: Agree with each other on making your marriage work. Agree together that no matter what none of you will quit until death parts you. Agree together on how to manage your finances, duties, limits, boundaries for in-laws, choice of place or form of worship, school for your kids, etc. You agree before marriage.

3. Accommodate: Be ready to live with the weaknesses of your spouse and to make up for those weaknesses. You are meant to complement each other, so do just that. Don’t always be at his or her neck pointing out his or her weaknesses. Rather, accept the weakness and encourage your spouse to minimize or overcome the weakness. Don’t go about telling third party about your spouse’s weaknesses. You are pulling down your home by so doing. Prov. 14:1.

Summary of today’s lesson:
– Don’t expect perfection
– Adjust, Agree and Accommodate.

God bless us all.

Good morning!

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