Reasons Why Marriages Fail

We live in a time and age when relationships and marriages are breaking apart with unprecedented frequency. It seems to be worse among celebrities. Except for a few, celebrities around the globe are the worst hit with this worrisome trend and unfortunately millions of youths want to adopt their lifestyles. It will do the world a lot of good if celebrities start seeing marriage as a covenant not to be joked with or take lightly. Generally, we all need to understand the gravity of the world ‘marriage’.

This is why I am led to share this with us today and hopefully conclude it this week. This part of this series is directed at those who are yet to marry or find a partner.

1. One of the reasons why marriages are failing is because people ‘fall in love’ and leave their senses behind. Before we proceed, it is important that we look at the phrase ‘fall in love’. What does it mean?

To fall in love means to begin to have strong feelings and desire to be with someone, having romantic love for someone and it is a state of mind where the emotions take over the control of the mind rather than reason or logic.

This is why a professor can fall in love with an uneducated village girl. Natural reason is suspended for emotions when you fall in love. This is why a beautiful lady will keep going back to someone who keeps beating and abusing her.

Falling in love without listening to your sense of reasoning or logic is wrong. DON’T EVER ignore your intuition or nudging in your mind that things are too fast. As a matter of fact, I will advise strongly against falling in love, but gently slide into love. Sliding into love is a deliberate act of balancing your emotions and reasoning, paying attention to all the signs of danger, addressing those signs by asking questions, weighing your options if they are things you can live with, and either accepting or rejecting the suitor. Be guided by these two rules when love comes calling :

– Pay attention to your sense and voice of reasoning. The little signs you ignore before marriage will become major cracks in your marriage.
– Don’t be in a hurry. ‘He that believeth shall not make haste.’ – Isaiah 28:16b. It is better to age peacefully alone that to age painfully in marriage.

Summary of this point is to hold your head and take things easy. Give it time

Talk to you tomorrow.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!


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