Unavoidable Pains of Life (2)

Still on the subject of unavoidable pains, I was challenged yesterday by two people (apparently not Africans), that the examples of circumcision and ear piercing are culture-imposed pains and not life-imposed, because in some part of the world, circumcision is not done for boys and ear piercing is also optional. My response was that, both examples may not be applicable in all climes but they are still examples of some of the unavoidable pains.

Another argument was on jackpot or lottery winners. My response was that ‘I do not consider jackpot or lottery as’ ‘gain’ in this context.’ How many jackpot winners have been able to maintain the sudden wealth? You can check this link for the discussion. https://disqus.com/home/discussion/channel-theatlanticdiscussions/unavoidable_pains_of_life/.

I am sharing this to encourage such discussions. No one has monopoly of ideas, so please feel free to share your thoughts on any of my broadcast.

Today we will look at one more pain tagged Pain of Maturity.

4. Pain of Maturity: Maturity is defined as the state, fact, or period of being mature. Cambridge English dictionary defines it as ‘the quality of behaving mentally and emotionally like an adult.’ My definition is ‘a state of readiness of the intellect and emotion, to accept responsibility.’ As you mature, life begins to place responsibilities on you, usually with consequences. It is important to accept responsibility if you desire to grow. Some responsibilities may be huge and demanding, but when  you succeed in meeting that responsibility, you would have become a better person than you were before. Maturity brings responsibilities. Responsibilities are often burdensome. For instance, as you age, a time will come when you have to fend for yourself  rather than relying on your parents or guardians. Rents, clothing, feeding, and even raising your own family are unavoidable. There are also certain positions (secular, political or religious) you take on either by election or appointment, that literally turn your life upside down. You struggle for a while until you reach a balance, after you have matured into the new role.

Perhaps you are experiencing the pain of Maturity now, be strong and hold it out. Hear this ‘Fire tests gold, suffering tests brave men.’ – Seneca.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

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