Unavoidable Pains of Life (1)

Just as a child would have to accept some pains in the process of growing up, so we must need accept some pains as part of life. A baby boy has to endure the pain of circumcision, while a baby girl has to endure the pain of ear piercing. When a baby start the teething process, it comes with pain and discomfort, but it must happen.

In life, you cannot gain anything without some pains. Nothing worthwhile happens without sacrifice. Some of the pains you have to endure in life are:

1. Pain of Learning: You have to subject yourself to the rigor of learning either formally or informally in order to become informed about a trade, skill or profession. Learning requires discipline, sacrifice of time, sleep, money and sometimes relationship. If you want to become a medical doctor, for instance, you must be willing to stay up longer at your reading desk more than an aspiring engineer. You cannot become a leader without learning to be a servant. Leaders are made through the process of learning. If you desire to become an actor, you must be willing to learn how to act. Whatever you desire, you need to pay the price of learning it. This is an unavoidable pain. If you don’t learn you can’t earn.

2. Pain of Giving Birth: If you cannot stand the pain and discomfort of carrying a pregnancy for nine months, plus the pain of labour period, you have no business expecting a child. For you to birth anything great, you must bear the pain of carrying and nurturing the dream. If you dream of owning a house, you must bear the pain of savings towards land acquisition. You must deny yourself a lot of things during the building process. Whatever it is that is worthwhile that you want to achieve, if you are not ready for the pain, then stop hoping for it.

3. Pain of Dying: We are not referring to literally dying here. We are talking about letting go of certain habits in our lives in order to become a better person. You sometimes have to let go of some of your indulgences, in order to become matured and capable of taking higher responsibilities. If you seek spiritual power from God, you must be willing to tame your appetite. You must be given to praying and fasting. Even in the political world, if you desire certain position, you must be ready to sleep less, have less privacy, read more and so on. You want a better relationship and you are not ready to deal with yourself first, then forget about it. Living starts with dying first. We die to self so that we can live for others.

We will look at some more pains tomorrow.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!


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