You May Just Be The Last Hope

Life can be very unfair and we often complain so, especially when it seems life has chosen to deal unjustifiable blows at us. When Job (in the Bible) recorded unprecedented losses, the wife was angry and saw God as an unfair God. Meanwhile before the losses she never thought that God was unfairly fair to her husband! That is our natural thought pattern, we complain when we don’t get the expected, but forget to appreciate when we get the undeserved, unexpectedly.

When life is cruelly unfair to us, one of the things that can make it bearable is the presence of friends and relatives who are there to support, encourage, pray and help out in any way. Unfortunately, most of the times, we don’t get such supports when we need them and this has sent many to early grave and truncated many great destinies. We are often betrayed by our very own, just like Job’s wife asked him to curse God and die.

It is therefore important we show up for our own when it matters. Let us be there for one another. Your call may be the last thing that will restore that hope. Your words of encouragement via sms may just be what will save that fellow from committing suicide. Your prayers and gifts may just be the ray of hope for another, that perhaps God has not forgotten him. Your little seed may be what will save that other fellow’s dream or business. You may just be the last hope, succour, comfort, or lifeline. Don’t withhold that love, care, concern or prayer. Give it out for it might be a lifesaver.

Let us make the world a better place for ourselves by being there for ourselves.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!


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