Respect is Earned

Regardless of your position in life, career, business, politics, or any area, you must learn to treat people well if you are to be successful. You must respect people to earn their respect. Respect is earned and not bought. Position vests Authority and not necessarily Respect.

There is a difference between positional authority and respect. You may have people obeying your orders and instructions by virtue of your position. If these same people continue to respect you when you are no longer in that position, then you have earned their respect. So don’t be carried away by positional authority.

Some people have only positional authority and lack respect, while some have both. You can’t get the best from your team or subordinates if all you have on them is positional authority and you haven’t earned their respect. You must grow beyond just positional authority, especially in the work place.

How do you earn respect from others?
1. Treat people fairly. Be fair to all. Don’t throw your position at people’s faces. They will be waiting for your downfall.
2. Don’t take praise for what others have done. Give the praise to whom it is due.
3. Accept blame for any shortcomings in your responsibilities even if it was done by your subordinates. You may privately scold and correct the subordinates, but never publicly.
4. Know your onions. Nothing silence critics more than performance. If you know your stuff, you will command attention and respect.
5. Be humble to seek opinion of your team when you are lost or in doubt.
6. Be more than a boss. Show interest in their personal lives and progress.
7. Be yourself. Don’t pretend to be who you are not. Speak your own mind.

Remember, respect is earned and not demanded. Don’t demand it, rather earn it.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

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