When God Pauses Your Life

Left to man alone, there would be so much chaos and disorder in the world. Unchecked inventions and ingenuity of man can lead to wicked and evil machinations among men and nations. The discovery and invention of nuclear weapons brought with it destruction and threats to humanity. Hiroshima is a pungent reminder of this fact. At certain times, God intervenes directly in the affairs of men to prevent disorder and unnecessary destruction.

In the same vein, God intervenes in the life of specific persons and press ‘Pause’  button when the person involved is  going out of order, about embarking on a journey he cannot end, or unprepared for a task he is about starting or jumping ahead of God’s plan. God can pause your life and put you ‘on a spot’. He paused Moses’s life and kept him at the back of the wilderness for forty years. He saw that Moses was unprepared for the task of liberating Israel from Egypt. Anger and pride were still in him. The timing too wasn’t fully ripe for their redemption. So he paused his life and took him from the palace to shepherding Jethro’s sheep.

Maybe you are in a situation you don’t understand and you are wondering what is happening. Suddenly you seem to have been thrown into obscurity. You are no longer as relevant as you used to be. You have suddenly lost favour where you once used to be celebrated. This could be the act of God. He may be checking your speed, attitude, character, or true motive. Maybe God has paused your life.

The good news is that when God pauses your life, it is for your own good and you will be a better person when the period is over. So don’t be disturbed, rather cooperate with God and learn all He wants you to learn during the period. It is not a permanent condition, it is only a period of hibernation and when He is through with you, you will be a better instrument in His hands.

Relax friend, it is just a ‘pause’ not a ‘stop’. You will come out stronger, better and sharper. Remember, being on a spot is different from being in a spot.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

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