Motive Matters

What drives your actions? What fuels your passion? What is the main reason behind that vision, pet-project, volunteer work, or NGO? You must understand that the motive behind a cause is more important than the cause itself, especially so, in the sight of God. Yes, being involved in great causes is good but the motive must be right for you to be acknowledged by God and men.

Every God given vision has a primary purpose, to bring the kingdom of God to men and ultimately make our stay here ‘a heaven on earth’ experience. When God therefore gives you vision or assignment, your motive should derive from the love of God and mankind. It must not be done out of self aggrandizement. Be careful not to be carried away with the praise as to begin to arrogate all the Glory to yourself. Acknowledge Him who made it possible. Remember your foundation. Also remember the story of Nebuchadnezzar.
No matter what you have achieved or become today, it happened because God made it happened, so appreciate God. Beyond appreciate God, let your real motive be for the service of humanity. We are all servants of God in our different functions and capacities. If what you are doing is not adding positive values to humanity, then you are not serving God. You are serving yourself and the devil. Examine your true motives today and make amends where necessary.

Let your true motive be to serve humanity thereby bringing the kingdom of God to men.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!


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