No Pain No Gain

Every life producing force must go through the painful period of gestation before finally birthing a new life. Whether it be animal or man, the process remains the same. Gestation periods vary from specie to specie of animals. The gestation period of an elephant, for instance is between two and three years, while that of a dog is about two months.

Gestation periods are periods of great discomfort for the pregnant mothers, whether of man or animal. They experience so many changes in their body structure and emotion. They suffer mood swings. Their partners often share in the discomforts of the period. They eagerly count days and weeks waiting for the day of delivery.

Our periods of wilderness, sowing, planting, building a new business or house, building a new relationship or starting a new life, can all be likened to the gestation period. During such periods, we work hard, labour, sweat and invest our time and resources to achieve certain results. We deny ourselves so many luxuries and cut down some of our personal excesses. It is usually a trying period. We get so many turn downs on our proposals and many unfulfilled promises. This is the pain we must bear in order to enjoy the gain later.

Just as every gestation period has an end, every period of planting must also end with harvest. Suddenly, results start trickling in and where we have been turned back before, we start getting calls from them. Results start to outweigh efforts. This is the period of gain. Pain necessarily must precede gain. No Pain No Gain. Whatever you dream to achieve, you must be prepared to pay the price. No Price No Prize.

You cannot experience the Joy of motherhood without the pain of pregnancy. You cannot enjoy harvest without the labour of planting. You cannot experience success in business without the stress of daily planning, selling and marketing. Until you plant, don’t expect any harvest. Unless you are ready for the pain, you shouldn’t expect any gain. You have no business envying a successful man when you are not ready to pay the price he paid. Get in the ruts and go to work. Stay on it, your gain is coming.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!


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