Change of Guards

In palaces, government buildings and State Houses, the guards or soldiers protecting these places are changed at certain times of the day. This process is called ‘Change of Guards.’ For instance, in Buckingham Palace, change of guards happens everyday and the public is often allowed to witness this event. Change of Guards takes place for several reasons, some of which are, one to prevent compromise by any of the guards. Two, to allow the guards to rest and sharpen their senses before taking over guards position. Three, to allow them perform other functions. 

The main function of the guards is to protect the principal officers within the building from external aggression. Similarly, we have guards in our lives and God also carries out Change of Guards from time to time in our lives. The problem is that we often do not recognize the new guards or we keep drawing back the old guards.

Who are these guards? They could be mentors, friends, spiritual leaders, parents, and partners. God positions such people around your life to guide you towards the fulfillment of destiny, and to help you from making costly mistakes. Now, they are assigned by God for a reason and a season, once both reason and season have been fulfilled, God reassigns them to another destiny or purpose, this is the period of ‘Change of Guard’ for both the old ‘purpose’ and the new ‘purpose’. Please understand that you are a purpose and the earlier you find your purpose, the better for everyone.

Where we often run into problems is when we try to hold on to the old guard and refuse to acknowledge the new guard. At such times, we are open to attacks and errors. We must sharpen our spirit man to be able to discern ‘Change of Guards’ seasons. We are not to initiate ‘Change of Guards’ process by deliberately ignoring our guides, mentors, or leaders. Usually events trigger the process and if we are sensitive, we will know it is time to move on. An example was John the Baptist. At some point, his followers were worried that Jesus was getting more attention than him. He told them ‘He must increase and I must decrease’ – John 3:30. In other words, he was pointing his followers to the new guard (Jesus) in their life.

May you be more sensitive to the ‘Change of Guards’ seasons in your life. Insensitivity to Change of Guards can disrupt God’s plan for your life.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!


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