Beyond the Looks

Adolf Hitler was considered a good looking man, yet he masterminded the worst holocaust in the history of mankind. His atrocities against the Jews remain unmatched till date. Delilah was beautiful yet she nursed the evil seed of destroying Samson in her mind. The point is, don’t judge people by their looks. In whatever relationship or situation, don’t base your judgment on the looks of someone else. ‘Oh he looks quite harmless, I think I can trust him.’ Don’t be carried away by his charms. Or ‘she looks innocent.’ You may be in for a shocker friend.

Ensure you carry out due diligence before you arrive at a judgment. Looks alone are not enough. Check his or her background. Test him or her. Check his or her temperament. Especially for those who are in search of marriage partners, don’t be deceived by the looks. Find out his or her health status. Blood group, and any family history. They are good indicators. Someone said ‘Marriage is a prison, so choose your prison mate carefully.’

Looks can be part of the factors for your decisions, but never to be considered as the only reason. Nothing is wrong with good looks, in fact you should always look good, but back up your looks with solid content. There are many beautiful ladies and handsome men who are walking corpses and nonentities. There are many good looking dudes and pretty girls who have nothing to offer than to suck you dry like a leech.

Swags don’t open doors,  but skills, talents, intelligence, diligence and integrity do. Forget the swags and look out for the real stuffs. A man’s worth is not in his looks but in his content. Go beyond the looks and check the contents.

God bless you all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!


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