Lead the Change

You are either an agent of change or an agent in chain. You are either leading or being led. There is no middle ground or fence in this matter. It is either you are influencing things or you are being influenced. You can also be an agent of change positively or negatively. Life is a reflection of these two agents (change and chain). The more of agents of positive change we have, the better our world. Likewise, the more of agents of negative change we have the poorer our world will be.

Now, what impact do the agents in chain have on our world? They help to maintain the status quo. If we have more of negative agents in chain, it is because there are more negative agents of change, and the effect on our life is continuity of negative situations, and vice versa. If we then desire for a better world, then we must become agents of positive change. Those in our circle of influence becomes our agents in chain.

As we are all eagerly hoping to see positive change in our land, it is important to know that the change starts with us. Be the Change. Lead the Change. Don’t wait for the government. Start in your own home and neighborhood. Stop littering the environment. Stop jumping queue. Maintain orderliness. Drive carefully and respect other road users. Help the needy. Be the voice for the helpless. Get involved in a volunteer service. Preach Peace. Stop the message of hatred, discord and war. Stop abusing your office and position. Stop appropriating public resources for your private use. Let the Change begin with you.

Your actions can influence the actions of others. Choose positive actions. Be a positive change agent.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

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