Your Worst Enemy

One of the harmful beliefs we grew up with, especially in Africa, is the existence of witches and wizards, and the great harm they can do to us. Our parents in their bid to protect us often went to the extreme to seek protection for us against witches and wizards. And we can’t blame them, they were also fed with the same belief, more so at a time when knowledge was extremely low. We were made to believe that our worst enemies are witches and wizards. So even in our prayers, we spend more time praying against witches and wizards. When Jesus taught his disciples how to pray, not one mention was given to witches or wizards, so get your focus right in prayer.

Do they exist? Yes they do. Do they have power to harm you? Yes, but only to the extent to which you allow them. The truth is that no witch or wizard can conquer the man who has conquered himself. There is no greater enemy to yourself than yourself. If only we can spend half the time spent on praying and seeking protection from them on working on ourselves, we will be closer to the persons God destined us to be. We attribute most failures in life to the work of witches or wizards, while in truth, we are responsible for most of these failures.

We fail because we are indisciplined. We don’t manage our time well. We are lazy. We procrastinate. We don’t plan or plan poorly. We don’t take care of our health and we expect to be healthy. We are not mindful of what we eat and we complain that the resultant ailment is the work of a witch! No, you are responsible! If you focus on overcoming your weaknesses, your journey to success is half covered. A man’s enemies are those of his household. Micah 7:6. Your household refers to your body and self. If you deal with those habits, you will find solutions to your problems.

It is time for us to take responsibility for our destinies. God has invested so much in the African race, but these wrong beliefs have held us down for long. It is time to break loose and deal with our weaknesses. We can be great. Conquer within and no external force will be able to conquer you. Without an opening, a lizard cannot find abode inside the wall. Block the holes in your life. Either as individuals or a race, we are the Architects of most of our woes. The witches and wizards are only as powerful as you make them be. Stop idolizing them. Focus on the enemies within (yourself), that is your worst enemy. You are more than conqueror.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

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