Test Every Relationship

Many have been sent to early graves because they entrusted their lives in relationships they did not test. Many visions have been stolen and hijacked by unfaithful friends, associates and partners. Many have been ruined financially due to undue trust in others. There are so many Delilahs and Judases out there today, so before you start trusting, test the trust.

Don’t be in a hurry to start sharing your life’s secrets with someone you hardly know because he has an angelic look. Don’t reveal your trade secret to someone who has not earned your trust. Don’t commit your resources into the hands of an untested workers. Even God does not commit resources into the hands of untested fellows.

Subject that relationship to the test of prayer, time, small assignments, and your gut feeling. Pray about the relationship before you go deeper. Allow good time to pass before taking the relationship to another level. Don’t be ruled by your emotion. Keep your senses alert. The signs are usually there, we just ignore them. Start with small resources and test their integrity and sense of responsibility. If they are not faithful in little, they can’t be faithful in much. Follow your spirit or gut feeling or your sixth sense. It is rarely wrong.

Summarily, don’t be in a hurry to speed up any relationship, subject it to all kinds of test.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

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