Lost Identity

God is a God of diversity. He created diverse species of animals and within each specie, there are different families. Same with human beings. We have the Caucasians, Negros, Mongolians and so on. Within each of these races, there are thousands of tribes, each with her unique identity (language, culture and values). The uniqueness of each tribe is what makes humanity an interesting specie. God delights in the uniqueness of each tribe and has given different strengths to each of these tribes.

Unfortunately over the years, some of us have lost our identities because of exposure to foreign culture. The other day, one of my nephews heard the word ‘Ewa’ (beans) and was asking what ‘Ewa’ means. (Sorry I can’t find the right intonation marks (amin) on my keyboard) . Many of us can’t even speak our native language, let alone, use those rich proverbs to accentuate our discussions. I remember those days of ‘Owe’ (Proverbs), ‘Akanlo Ede’ (Idioms), ‘Alo Apamo & Alo Apagbe’ (tales and fables). How many of us still know all these? How many of us even communicate with our children using any of these?

Our values started eroding when we started pursuing the white man culture and values and threw ours to the dogs. Today, we dress like the white man, speak like the white man, try to think like the white man, yet our very nature and essence is in being a black man. God didn’t make a mistake making us a black man. He gave us our strengths which are hidden in our identities, but because we have lost our identities, we now appear to be without any strength. Our low productivity is as a result of the white man’s processor that has been installed in our mind. We teach in the white man’s language. There are researches that have proved that students taught in their native languages learn faster than those taught in foreign languages.

I am not a racist. I love humanity as a whole and appreciate other races. I, however love my identity as a Yoruba man mostly and I love the richness of our language. No wonder you find Jamaicans and Brazilians living the Yoruba culture. The Igbos have their own rich culture, very rich in the use of proverbs. The Hausas have theirs too and so do all other tribes in Nigeria and Africa.

We will begin to rise as a Continent when we go back to our true identities and revive our dying culture, while making the fear of God our guiding principle. It is when we do these that we will begin to see true leaders and followers emerge.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

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