Your Days Are Numbered

In my younger years, I remember always wishing I grow older quickly. Wishing I was 20, then 25 and then 30. I used to think growing older brings certain privileges and respect. Maybe some of us experienced this also. I remember there was a time I wanted to grow mustache and beards even when it was obvious, it is not part of my hereditary make up. I will apply methylated spirit to those areas to make hair grow on them. Now the beards are a burden, you must shave every other day! Funny things teenagers do.

All of a sudden, I realized I am as old as my father used to be some years back, and I am not just as eager to become older again. No more carefree decision making, everything has to be thought through now. Suddenly I came to the knowledge that my days have number and they are not endless. Even though, I don’t know when my time will be over here, but I know I need to attach seriousness to the way I live my life now.

This is not peculiar to me alone. We all have numbered days. Whether you like it or not, whether rich or poor, good or bad, famous or unknown, you have numbered days. So when your number is complete, as it surely must, what will be said of you? What will people write in your condolence register? What will the world remember you for? That wicked despot? That tyrannical leader? That bossy employer who delighted in holding staff salaries? That wicked father? That corrupt president?

Examples abound all around us of so called great and influential people who have passed on and their good or bad deeds are still speaking long after they have moved on. So, having realized that your days are numbered, why don’t you spend it circumspectly? Mr Public Office holder, your days are numbered, live it well. Mr Employer, your days are numbered, use it to better the lot of humanity. Think and change while you can, because a time will come when the son of man will have neither the capacity to think nor change!

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

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