The Voices that Affect Your Life

There are certain voices that have great impact on one’s life. These voices either limit your dreams or push you to fulfilling your dreams. They are called the Voices Within and the Voices Without.

The Voices Within are in two forms, the voice of reason and the voice of instinct. Your voice of reason works based on logic and it is closely linked to the natural mind. It tells you reasons why it is foolish to pursue your goals because you don’t have all that is required. It is based on pure logic. If 1+2=3, then it will be foolhardy to expect 1+2 to be equal to 5, but based on the voice of instinct 1+2 can be equal to 5. The voice of instinct receives directly from the spirit of God (Holy Spirit) and often times defies logic and natural tendencies. 1 Cor. 1:26-29. It works based on revelation and not on logic. The more you listen to this voice the more likely you are to fulfill your dreams. On the contrary, the more you follow the voice of reason, the more likely you are to live an ordinary life.

In addition, the Voices Without are two namely, Voice of People and your Personal Voice. People’s Voice will tell you why you can’t do it and the level of risk involved. They will paralyze you with analysis and you will end up confused when you pay too much attention to People’s Voice, especially when your Personal Voice is in sync with the Voice of Instinct. The rule of thumb is to match the voice of instinct with your Personal Voice. Once you achieve that, go for your dream, regardless of what other voices are saying. Remember, it is your life and you alone will give account of it!

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

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