You Only Live Once

The man in you dies the moment you suppress yourself in order to conform to other people’s expectations. The very essence of your manhood loses its potency the day you decide to subjugate your dream in order to please others. You never get another opportunity to live twice, you have only got once! So live!

It is amazing how we allow people’s opinion to shape our lives. We literally live for others. For the fear of what people will say, we conform. God created us with diverse skills and gifts, and this diversity brings authenticity. Be yourself. Be authentic. If what you feel you are made for is to be an artist, then for God sake, be an artist, and be the best Artist!

True success starts from being yourself, finding your place, your essence and living it out. You have only got once, so live it!

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

Good morning Nigeria!

##Let us meet at the ‘Success Redefined’ seminar this Saturday 9th April by 9am.

You can’t succeed if you don’t know what True Success is. See you there!

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