Our Elders Have Gone Mad Again!

In those days in school, one of the forbidden things is to fight in public. Whether during school hours or after school hours, God helps you if you are caught. The cause or reason for the fracas is of no interest, the fact that you broke the sanctity of the society and fought, is sufficient reason to be decorated with several lashes, which can sometimes run into twenties or thirties, plus possible suspension. The shame you will bring upon your parents alone will make you reconsider before fighting. But that was those days! Sadly so!

We are in the days where not only students fight in schools and in the presence of their teachers, teachers even fight! What am I even saying? Our lawmakers fight! The very people we call honorables throw honour away and exchange blows! In fact the way some of these dishonorable ‘honorables’ fight, you will think they are trained to fight. They don’t stop at fighting, they destroy public properties, including the Mace, the very symbol of authority of the Assembly! What a pity! Where went our manners? It reminds me of the title of a book ‘Our Elders Have Gone Mad Again’, who will tame them?

I thought they say, you cannot have elders in the market and have a newborn baby wrongly backed by the mother. These days even the neck of the elder is not straight let alone see the wrongly backed baby! The other day I wrote about the lost generation, I was reminded that the elders bequeathed these low morals to them. Truthfully so! So, which madness should we attend to first, the elders or the youths?

God bless us all.

God bless Africa!

God bless Nigeria!

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