Your Life is a Process

Have you been to a construction site before? If you have, you would have observed the state of disarray that often characterizes construction work, especially a building project. You will sometimes see broken blocks, iron rods, used cements, nails, and other building materials littering everywhere. It is usually not an attractive sight.

However, when you visit same site after the building has been completed and delivered, you will find a totally different picture.  It may turn out to be a beautiful duplex, or an architectural masterpiece, and you are like ‘Wow!’ Someone else who did not visit the site during construction will not know the kind of transformation that has taken place.

A lot of times in life, our lives appear to be in a disarray, no form and completely void. At such times, we wonder if we will ever amount to anything in life. In fact,  at such times we hide from people and people also avoid us. I am sure many of us have gone through such periods. Like the building process, this is just a stage in our lives and doesn’t represent our full story. If you persevere and keep pursuing your goal, you will pass through that stage and the world will marvel at the end product.

To survive this phase, you must hold on to your dreams and keep pursuing them, even if not at the magnitude or scale you desire. Just ensure you keep working towards that vision like the site engineer will keep working towards completing the project.

And God has a way of ensuring that all the provisions you need for the vision gathers. The reason we often run out of provision is because we are yet to catch the appropriate vision. So, don’t give up, find your vision, write the vision and make it plain upon the tablet. Habakkuk 2:2-3.

God bless us all.

Good morning Africa!

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