Parenting (10)

Good morning and what a wonderful privilege to witness another Christmas Eve. He that has brought you this far will not leave nor forsake you. Be grateful for life regardless of your circumstance.

As we round up this series, let us put Single Parenting in proper perspective. Single Parenting means raising a child or children by a single parent, whicg could be the father or mother. It can happen as a result of death of one of the parents, separation or divorce, unaccepted pregnancy, or abdication of parental responsibilities.

The original design for a family is to have a father, made up of a mother and the children. The author of family, God, knows the importance of each of the parents in the life of the children. He designed it such that the baby is conceived through the seed and egg of the father and mother, the seed grows into foetus and is carried to term by the mother, the baby is born into the warm embrace of the mother, and grows into adulthood through the strong training of the father.

Each of these stages play an important formative role in the life of the child. For instance, a child without the motherly love at birth usually grows up cold hearted. Such children are usually unemotional, they have no empathy and can be very ruthless, selfish and mean.

A child without the fatherly training too usually grows to be too soft or weak, and buckles when faced with life challenges, especially when there is no fatherly figure at all in their growing up. The father’s blessing also go a long way in shaping and guiding the child into adulthood.

Does this mean that such children are at a disadvantage? No, they do not have to be. There are provisions to ameliorate this weaknesses. Such can be found in mentors, religious centres, self help books, and personal development. But what do you do when the mentor or spiritual guide also needs to be helped. Can the blind lead the blind? An incomplete man or woman cannot offer help to another incomplete person for completeness.

This is perhaps one of the reasons our leaders fail too often. An incomplete leader would have to deal with various complexes and this would impact on his decisions and actions.

We need to also start seeing parenting as societal responsibility. In our own days, any adult could spank you for wrongdoing, it does not matter if they are related to you or not, and you dare not even report to your parents, otherwise you will get more spanking. This approach places the responsibility of parenting on the society, extending the confines of family to the society. Unfortunately, modern times have eroded this culture and this is to our own detriment.

It is therefore important that we begin to take parenting seriously and see it as God given assignment. Children are the heritage of God. We are God’s custodian in raising children to become who God wants them to be. When we fail in this responsibility, it will not only affect the child, it will come back to haunt us and the society at large.

I ask and receive grace and wisdom for every struggling parent right now. I pray restoration to every broken home and I speak peace to every troubled home in Jesus name. Amen.

I will be taking a break for the year, but can be reached through any of the contact details below my signature. Thank you for following me all through the year and particularly this series. Let us do it together again in 2019. Together we can make the world better.

Have a wonderful week and Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year ahead.

Adewumi Oni



Instagram: onadol

Twitter: @DewumiOni


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