Parenting (9)

There is a saying in Yoruba that goes like this, “Iya ni Wura, Baba ni dingi”. Translated, this means “Mother is Gold and Father is the Mirror”. Gold is one of the precious metals and perhaps the one commanding the highest value, at least until recently when Palladium challenging that position.

Mothers are as precious as gold. Just like gold, they are highly malleable, adjusting to every situation or condition. They help to build the spirit of endurance, patience and perseverance in children. Mothers might be the weaker vessels, but they have a heart of gold and are quite strong inside.

They also help in developing homely skills in the children. Especially the girl child learns how to be a good home keeper from the mother, while forming the image of the kind of husband she wants from the father.

So, both father and mother play very important role in shaping the lives of children. Let me use a computer system to illustrate this. A computer system is made up of the software and hardware. The software is a set of instructions programmed into the hardware, which guides the operations of the computer system. Softwares are not touchable, while hardwares are touchable and visible.

Mothers play the role of softwares, they codify values into the child’s life, while fathers play more of the hardware role, helping the child’s physical and mental growth. As you know that a computer system cannot function without a software and an hardware, likewise a child may not be at his or her best without both parents playing their roles.

This is why single parenting poses a lot of challenges for every party involved; the single parent, the child and the society. While appreciating that some did not choose to become single parents, it is quite disturbing that many young people are now deliberately choosing the route of single parenting, forgetting that while they may have achieved their personal goals, they often end up raising dysfunctional children.

For us to put single parenting in proper perspective, I will devote the last part of this series to single parenting and how our society is approaching the edge due to parents either shirking or failing in discharging their responsibilities.

So please join me as we do this together next week. Have a wonderful week and Merry Christmas in advance.

Adewumi Oni



Instagram: onadol

Twitter: @DewumiOni


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