Check the Foundation

Every building has a foundation. The higher a building is, the deeper its foundation. One of the reasons why a Bamboo can grow very tall is because of the depth of its foundation.

Whatever you are building, be it career, business or marriage, ensure you get the foundation right, otherwise it will not stand the test of time. It must be built on godly values, principles and the fundamentals.

You must understand that the things that last are those things built on godly values. Values like Truth, Love, Selflessness, Integrity, Purpose. If your business is built on godly values, it will endure the test of time. If your relationship is built on truth it will last.

The Bible talks about Patriarch Abraham in Hebrews 11:10, that in his journey to the Promised Land, he kept looking out for a city with foundations and whose builder is God. “For he looked for a city which hath foundations, whose builder and maker is God.”

Before you go into any relationship, whether business or marital, check the foundation of the would-be partner. Who is his/her builder? What values does he/she hold dear? If the foundation is deceit, falsehood, abuse, troubled childhood, material things, I am afraid you might have no future with the person because his or her future is not even assured.

Don’t build anything on falsehood, it will collapse sooner or later. Don’t shed blood for power, position or wealth, you will pay for it later with your blood or that of your loved ones. Don’t lay a faulty foundation, whatever you built on a faulty foundation will crack sooner or later.

Give your children or wards the right foundation. Train them up in the right way so they will not become a burden on you and the society.

Always check the foundation. Do background check. Google for more information. Pray about it. Watch it for a while. You will save yourself a lot of heartache doing so. Always look for people or relationships whose builder and maker is God.

Have a great day and week ahead.

Adewumi Oni




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