Managing Your Mind For Success

Still distilling the nuggets from the last ‘Unleash the Giants’ Seminar. In the session led by Mr Kelvin Otung with the topic “Managing Your Mind for Success”, he explored three areas;

1. Defining Success

2. Understanding the Mind

3. Managing the Mind

Success means different things to different people. For some it is material acquisition. For some it is how high you climb on the career ladder. He however warned that if you have to make huge trade offs to achieve any of these, then that is not success. In his words, “if you are making tons of money but are still unhappy, you haven’t embraced the fact that incredibly successful businesses often carry a heavy personal price.”

So find what makes you happy and impacts more people. Finding what motivates you is the first step to success.

He defined the Mind as the Seat of Consciousness. Man is made up of the Spirit (infinite personality – subconscious realm), the Soul or Mind (invisible personality – conscious realm) and the Body (physical personality – experiential realm).

Understanding every part of our being and gaining mastery by bringing to balance our physical and spiritual experiences in our realm of consciousness gives us the power to rule our world and become successful.

The Mind is made up of three components, Will, Emotions and Intellect. Of these three, Emotion is the most powerful and your success depends on the mastery of your emotion.

According to him, managing your mind requires some emotional intelligence with four basic domains; self awareness, social awareness, self management and relationship management.

He warned of mind’s greatest distraction, Pleasure. The fear of the past and the uncertainty of the future are known to be the drivers of the minds instability; however the real distraction of the mind is pleasure.

He concluded that being able to persuade the mind to do things that are right even if they do not give us feelings of pleasure, is the way forward.

So start paying attention to your definition of success, your mind, your emotions and how you manage your emotions. We will round up this distillation process next week.

Good morning and have a great week.

Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010


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