Case Study 5 – Keep or Abort (Closing Discussion)

Last week, we have looked at the pros and cons of keeping or aborting Kike’s pregnancy and ended with recommendation that the pregnancy should be kept.

In closing, we are looking at the Support System for women with unwanted or unplanned pregnancy.

Support System includes the culture, societal behaviour or perception and regulations, policies and laws protecting women carrying such pregnancies.

Most societies frown at people carrying unwanted pregnancies and tend to ostracize them. This is a major contributory factor to high rate of abortion and the attendant health complications.

While not encouraging careless sex, it is a crime against humanity to maltreat or ostracise women carrying unwanted pregnancies. Some are pregnant as a result of rape, and they are already suffering emotional and psychological trauma, further ostracising them is nothing but cruelty.

More than ever, they need love, they need counsel, they need to be accepted like normal people.

There is also a need to strengthen our laws and policies to ensure that full wrath of the law is meted on rapists. In most cases, the rape victims get more humiliation than the rapist. This should be completely stopped.

NGOs and Orphanages should also be supported with policy instruments by the government to take up children from such unwanted pregnancies. There is need to create awareness through ‘No Abortion’ campaign to stem the tide of abortion and dumping of babies.

Every baby has a right to live once it is conceived, regardless of the situation surrounding the conception. Except when there is threat to the life of the carrier, pregnancy should be carried through.

Good morning and have a great week.

Adewumi Oni




Twitter: onadol2010


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